Breaking Bread v.1

by Jeremy O'Bryan

Yesterday afternoon I got to Fremont early, so I had time to grab a nice meal. I walked down Fremont Avenue in the steady summer rain to a little Sicilian bistro called Pontevecchio. I was the only one in the place, save one employee and the owner/chef, Michele Zacco.

“Are you here for happy hour?” Michele inquired.

“No,” I replied. “Actually I was hoping to get an early dinner.”

With that he stammered a little, not really willing to get the kitchen going just yet.

“How about a late lunch?” I hurried.

“OK,” he agreed.

I ordered pennette with Bolognese, declined a glass of red wine, and settled into my Bible study and the futbol game between Urugauy and Serbia-Montenegro on cable.

Michele was helpful to narrate some of the Spanish-language game for me, and, more importantly, serve up some of the most delicious Bolognese ever, and four small pieces of Italian bread arranged neatly in a little wicker basket.

Pontevecchio is closed on Sundays. “Sundays is for religion and my children,” Michele explained. “If I didn’t do that I would never see my children.”

Pontevecchio is at 710 North 34th Street in Seattle’s Fremont district. I recommend the pennette with Bolognese and a glass of whatever red wine Michele suggests.