Hi. I’m Nice.

by Jeremy O'Bryan

Are Christian guys supposed to be “nice?” Our projection of true “niceness” occurs when we die to ourselves and put Jesus, our friends, and our neighbors first, which is what Jesus teaches is the way to actually follow him.

We can be “nice” and still be strong, daring, courageous, and adventurous – all of which are masculine attributes. My wife says I’m the most “sexy” to her when I’m painting the house or biking or playing softball. Pastor James MacDonald from Harvest Bible Chapel in Illinois, says the true Biblical meaning of “meek” is “strength restrained.”

If that is definition is accurate, the question follows: What good is the restraint if there’s no evidence of the strength to put behind it?

Related to Christ: What good would Jesus be if he were nice to us, but had no power to do anything but be nice? What good would his death on the cross be if he had stayed dead? Christ, alive, then, makes the Christian guy a man who is nice and all, but also stronger than any other.