The Dreams of Men (and Women)

by Jeremy O'Bryan

I sometimes tease my wife.

“That’s it, I’m selling all my long pants and shoes and we’re moving to …”

Pick a location. Usually we’re talking tropical climates or pastoral locales. Maui. Mexico. The highlands of Scotland. The Irish countryside. That sort of thing.

During my more lucid moments I simply think about a cabin on some land in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest.

Leah and I are fans of J.R.R. Tolkein’s big fantastical adventure trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. While the story ties in spooky evil and violence, vicious monsters, and massive beasts in magnificent array, it’s the simple life of the Hobbits that draws us in. Build a home, mind a few animals, grow some food, drink some ale. Sing. Dance. Eat. Drink some more ale. (“It comes in pints!?”)


Thanks to a helpful chap who made his own Hobbit house, then posted photographs and step-by-step instructions on the web, I can have my oft-dreamed cabin in the country. But it would be more than just a cabin in the country, wouldn’t it? The form of the thing, the being underground — in the ground — would sweep you away to Middle Earth, and the lands of Tolkein’s adventures. Better than Mexico, Maui, or the island nations of northern Europe? Probably not. But closer to home, at least.

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