The Thing About God Is

by Jeremy O'Bryan

God moderates life. You used to go to a temple to meet with God. And even then you had to have a priest do it for you. And he had to be “perfect” or God would smite him and his trembling fellow priests would have to drag him out of the Inner Room by a rope.

The thing about God is, He shook things up. Now, thanks to my brother Jesus, I am the temple. And so are you. God meets each of us in our hearts — our hearts are the new temple.

Life is our chance to find God, meet with Him, and work out our place in His kingdom. It can be really easy. And it can be really hard.

But life is here, in our faces. And it’s too easy to just play it all off as an accident.

So dig in. Find out what God has prepared for you. Certainly there’s a better story lined up than the one you come up with on your own. Think of Bruce Almighty. Wouldn’t it be cool to have God’s power at your fingertips? What would you do with it?

Asking God for advice is the best place to start. And since he has a direct connection to the deepest part of your heart — whether you believe it or not — you can communicate with Him immediately. Just by thinking about it.

And in the marketing coup-of-all-coups in the self-help department … it’s totally free!