State of the Art v.1

by Jeremy O'Bryan

God made everything. Plants and forests. Rocks and mountains. Life-giving rain and vast oceans crammed with life. Blood. Sheep. Creation is His gift of life made manifest for us. While God gave us the gift of all creation to enjoy, He also gave we humans the ability to create. The gift of intellect allows us to create things that are far from useful, yet powerful in the meaning we assign to them. I guess that’s why a painting or a drawing can have as much impact — sometimes more impact — than the real thing. Sitting on a beach, of an evening, in front of a fire, the sun sinking, a brisk wind blowing, sea billows crashing in a flowing and ebbing tide of sound — this is a beautiful thing. But when I’m in central Texas, locked in by an expanse of sky and scrub, created images of that beach are all I have to quench the soul. And it works.

The creating we humans do is folly compared to the creation of God. But it is a gift, and we should enjoy it, lest we be marked as squanderers our inheritance.

That said, I really enjoy watching these clips of Stefan G. Bucher’s Daily Monster. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too. I’m not much of an artist, so watching Mr. Bucher create shapes, lines, shadows, depth — all with ink and paper — is a fascinating diversion.

You can find more of these Daily Monster videos, and more about Mr. Bucher, at his weblog. More monsters unfold video at YouTube.