New Music Phenomenon

by Jeremy O'Bryan

Ever think of the music you listen to as a soundtrack to your life? Oh, you have too. Don’t lie. If you haven’t ever driven in your car to Sammy Hagar’s I Can’t Drive 55, or strolled through the big city to the strains of Petula Clark’s Downtown … (OK, maybe not that last one …) then it’s safe to say that you need to get out more.

Music is such a deeply personal part of our culture that we tend to identify with the songs that make your heart race, make your chest swell, and sound like they were written just for or about you. “You have to hear that new song,” we might say to a friend, who either knows us and shares our passions or doesn’t and should.

Years ago we used to listen to music through these little devices that had magnetic tape all rolled up inside them. You could buy one that already had music recorded onto it, or you could record songs of your own onto them, which seemed to take forever.

Sometimes we’d find songs that comprised our “soundtrack,” at least for the current season of our lives, and record them all onto one tape for sharing with a friend or a significant other. We called these “mix tapes.”

In present times we can do something similar, organizing music into playlists and burning them to CD. “What’s a CD?,” you ask. We’ll get to that someday. For now, just put your headphones back on.

The Internet has finally caught up with the idea of sharing music in a truly convenient way, via Muxtape, a Web-based way to upload songs and make them available to your friends.

I stumbled upon a muxtape on a blog I visited today called Secret Experiment, and while the list may be more interesting or exciting or have more relevence to someone who actually knows the blog author, Jim Renaud, it was fun to listen to what this guy has compiled and try to see what his life might be like based on the music he’s listening to. Even though I don’t know Mr. Renaud from Adam, and he doesn’t know me.

UPDATE: I found a little aural gem within Mr. Renaud’s list. A song by Frightened Rabbit called Head Rolls Off.