New Shoes

by Jeremy O'Bryan

These are my new shoes that I bought. I hope these shoes last a good long time. They’re not what I would call my favorite shoes. I’ve been loving Vans skating sneaker-type shoes for a long time, but my people tell me I’m too old to be looking like that.
“When you wear Vans, your shoes enter the room before you do,” Leah said. And she added that my favorite jeans aren’t nearly baggy enough for Vans.
So I bought these Rogues, made in Oregon, right down the road. I shot them on the sidewalk out front of the bungalow on Avonlea.
They’re good looking shoes, standing alone. But they look odd to me down at the end of my legs. I’m not used to them yet. They’re also, like my Vans, reportedly too wide to wear with my favorite jeans. But they’ll keep my feet clean when I go outside.