New Shoes v.2

by Jeremy O'Bryan

OK. So the new shoes from Rogue have to go back. A newly tweaked nerve in my foot is causing pain to drift all the way up to my hip. Some type of sciatica is overtaking my ability to mobilize. So I found a new pair of new shoes.


The tie-up nature of these new scoots may be the trick to eliminating my problem. The front of the shoe is also a lot roomier than the same part of the old new ones.

These shoes are also a bit quirkier looking, a feature I’ve always looked for in a shoe. When I was shopping for new shoes last week, Leah had a word of wisdom for me, perhaps a warning about the rather splendiforous nature of the Vans I usually wear.

“When you walk into a room, your shoes always go in first.”

She likes these new ones, and I do too. And if the shoes have more personality than I do, that’s alright by me.