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Month: April, 2008

Earth Day



Good Point v.1

Here’s a good point, delivered in a presentation by Jeffrey Veen, an information architect and Web designer. I think he found it in a book about Sea Kayaking …

Obeying the rules without an understanding of the reasons behind them creates an approximation of competence which leaves one vulnerable to the exceptions.

This aphorism seems universally applicable, don’t you think? Where, in your life, does this little nugget come home to roost?

Film 101

This blog, dedicated to the title sequences of movies, could get me lost all day long. The one that stands out for me, that I think of most often when I hear someone talk about the movie, is the title sequence from Gattaca.

Check out the blog.


Brad Mehldau Trio – Live

Brad Mehldau and his trio, rounded out by drummer Jeff Ballard and bassist Larry Grenadier, is a five-star recording. I can’t stop listening to it. Here ‘s a story on NPR about the proclivity of Mr. Mehldau to cover modern-era Rock tunes.

Indeed, to hear the trio hammering out tunes such as Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun is a treat.

The new album, recorded live at the Village Vanguard in New York City, is available to buy on the artist’s Web site — MP3s to download at 320 kbps. Or on iTunes.

You should check it out.

Blogging Tip v.1

The Temple is my third or fourth attempt at keeping a Weblog. I’ve also done some Web authoring, back in the days of pre-standards-based Web 1.0 and HTML 4.0 without style sheets. And without the actual design elegance you see today.

I’m no guru, but I have found this one little tool that I’ll share. Sometimes linking to other pages on the Web can be cumbersome — especially when the URL of the page you’re linking to has dozens or even hundreds of characters in it.

Enter Tiny URL, a little Web application that shrinks your really long URL linkers down to a manageable size. Just surf to http://tinyurl.com, copy and paste your long URL into the engine and — voila! — you’re given a much shorter URL to copy and paste into the link you’re building.

Here’s the link Google Maps gives you when you search for Apple Inc. headquarters in Cupertino.


As you can see, it’s cumbersome. I can, of course, simply assign the URL to a short little word or phrase, like Apple Inc. for example, like I did above, and hide the long URL in the mechanics of the site.

But using Tiny URL to shorten links makes it easier to keep lists of links organized, especially lists of books on Amazon and the like. or maps. One drawback — when readers hover over your links to look for the URL’s root context, they get the coded version of your link from Tiny URL, which looks like this:


But if you’re willing to lose the actual Web site context of a longer URL in your links, using Tiny URL is a great way to uncomplicate the language of the Web.

Music To Your Ears?

The song Radiant, written by the E-Pop, a Mars Hill Church-Seattle worship band, is the top-played worship song in my iTunes library. It’s on my iPhone, so I listen to it a few times a week, usually during a break away from to office to unwind and remind me who I am.

Give it a go. (via Muxtape) UPDATE: Muxtape is off the air due to copyright issues. However, the link is still active, and features the site’s founder telling the story of his battles with the RIAA and the record companies. Fascinating.

What kind of music do you suppose God considers a joyful noise? Does it have to be sung in a church building to be considered worship? Does a song even have to name God to be worship music?

The prophet Amos passes along this message from The Sovereign Lord to the house of Israel. Maybe it’s really the attitude of our hearts that determines whether we worship — or not. (Read Chapter 5.)

To be honest, while I love E-Pop, and the other bands at Mars Hill Church whose members love Jesus and write powerful songs about him, my heart is full of worship of God and His bigness when I listen to Foo Fighters or Brad Mehldau or Stevie Ray Vaughan. Because I’m in awe that God created time and the aural spectrum, through which music gets its life. And that he created us with the ability to sub-create.

What do you think about it?