Music To Your Ears?

by Jeremy O'Bryan

The song Radiant, written by the E-Pop, a Mars Hill Church-Seattle worship band, is the top-played worship song in my iTunes library. It’s on my iPhone, so I listen to it a few times a week, usually during a break away from to office to unwind and remind me who I am.

Give it a go. (via Muxtape) UPDATE: Muxtape is off the air due to copyright issues. However, the link is still active, and features the site’s founder telling the story of his battles with the RIAA and the record companies. Fascinating.

What kind of music do you suppose God considers a joyful noise? Does it have to be sung in a church building to be considered worship? Does a song even have to name God to be worship music?

The prophet Amos passes along this message from The Sovereign Lord to the house of Israel. Maybe it’s really the attitude of our hearts that determines whether we worship — or not. (Read Chapter 5.)

To be honest, while I love E-Pop, and the other bands at Mars Hill Church whose members love Jesus and write powerful songs about him, my heart is full of worship of God and His bigness when I listen to Foo Fighters or Brad Mehldau or Stevie Ray Vaughan. Because I’m in awe that God created time and the aural spectrum, through which music gets its life. And that he created us with the ability to sub-create.

What do you think about it?