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Month: February, 2009

I Can’t Wait To See This Movie


Understanding Genesis 3

I was challenged recently to try to understand the full implications of The Fall of Man. Pastor Mark has said that it’s unlikely anyone could ever really understand Genesis 3. Delivering a message of fearsome truth that is almost impossible to comprehend, the story of The Fall can only be understood through the eyes of billions of suffering souls and the heart of one grieved God.

The short answer may be this: The highest high that is the holy love of God, the death-for-sin trade-off, the atonement — to that there is a correspondingly fathomless low in The Fall. We tend to measure our ascent to Restoration from a baseline of deceived apathetic human contentment. But our actual starting point is infinitely lower. Do mountains exist without valleys? No. How high the peak! And woe, how deep the depths!

In the expression of gravity there is not only a transit along a pathway to the center of mass, but, inevitably, an immovable object at the end of the journey. We are all falling a 100-story fall, all heading for the same concrete sidewalk. It’s Jesus who, after the impact, in an unlikely breach of natural effects, reaches out and plucks our ruptured, fractured bodies off the pavement and shakes His life back into us and hands us over to the Father, where we are reunited with Him. I agree with Pastor Mark. Understanding the Fall would be like living with full awareness on that bloody, bone-spattered sidewalk. The Lord Jesus Christ averts my heart to hope.